Camp Mühlberg 1939-1948

Prisoners of war camp
1939 - 1945

Soviet intermediate camp

Soviet special camp 1


(C) Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
NG-1983-9, Dick van Maarseveen.

The photo is made up according to the instructions of former prisoners. Pictures of the special camp Mühlberg are not known. Thanks to Eberhard Hoffmann.

Mühlberg is a small German town located at the river Elbe approximately 80km northwest of Dresden.

One of the largest German prisoner of war camps existed here between 1939-1945. In total approximately 300,000 prisoners from over 40 nations passed the camp. More than 3,000 mostly Soviet POWs died here.

Between 1945-1948 the Soviet NKVD (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs) in cooperation with the German administration in the Soviet occupation zone imprisoned 21,800 persons in the Soviet special camp 1 near Mühlberg. Approximately 6,700 of them did not survive the camp.

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